Runt of the Litter

by Dumb & Drummer

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This is the lowly anticipated second album from Dumb & Drummer. As with the first album, there are some tracks that feature vocals, but we have mainly stuck with the trusted formula of instrumental guitar/drums/bass/violin rock that has previously proved so popular with so few people. It's also LOUDER! If you enjoy the music, please indicate that you do by using the only legitimate means of expressing emotion in the modern world, the facebook like:

Here are some reviews by people asked to give their opinions of the album:
"I have a train to catch"
"What's that noise?"
"Don't give up the day job"
"That's 35 minutes of my life I'll never get back"


released May 24, 2015

Dumb & Drummer were:
Tara Sweeney - lead vocals on Sharpening the Contradictions, Shine Tonight
Lisa Shine - violin on Sharpening the Contradictions
Fiona Shine - violin on Sharpening the Contradictions, Runt of the Litter
Sean Delaney - drums
Peter Byrne - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Brían Ó'Donnchadha - lead vocals on Breaking Band

All songs written & produced by Peter Byrne & Sean Delaney.

Additional writing credits: Brian Murphy (Runt of the Litter), Brían Ó'Donnchadha, Jim Hanley, Lisa Shine (Sharpening the Contradictions).



all rights reserved


Dumb & Drummer Ireland

Too shy to play gigs, appear in public or sing (read: unable to sing), and lacking the ability to write lyrics or music or even play any instruments (on an aside - despite these things, we were forcibly ejected from an early incarnation of One Direction), we proudly present the best set of tunes ever produced by 2.5 howler monkeys and their loyal canine. ... more

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Track Name: Shine Tonight
I remember the man who said to me
Some people would give anything to have the
complaints we have
That is why I feel that I must do
Everything that I am able to
The best I can

If you think the sun shines brighter over there
You don't know what we can do
But we don't care
'Cause you'll see us shine tonight

The card says to live my dreams
I don't know yet for me what that means
But I'll do it somehow
Maybe it starts with the belief
That I am the best that I can be
In the here and now
Track Name: Breaking Band
Your band sounds pretty good
But why try to control
What everyone else does?
Playing only what you have been told to
Must make it a procession
Stifled creativity doesn't sound to me like fun

I nearly found myself
Coming out to play with you
Until I found out you wouldn't let me
Play any lead guitar
Setting these things in stone when
There is no need
Would kill all the joy in it
Before it even starts
Track Name: Sharpening the Contradictions
People say the future's getting better
But it might want to start picking up some speed
'Cause I never wanted to leave this town;
This life behind as much as I do now

There's no recourse to the cool kids socially
I'm supposed to just forget what you did to me
It's hard to cut somebody slack when they're standing
Behind you with a knife held to your back